Friday, November 03, 2006


Front Garden

Pretty huh? There are exactly 200 pansies there. I know because I planted every single one of them by hand, back when they were but tiny seedlings.

When we first moved in, we this garden bed was full of crazy half-dead bushes. Slow I ripped them all out, dug up the bed, build up a retaining wall and leveled it all off.

I started planting the pansies one Saturday afternoon. I had four punnets of seedlings, and figured it would only take me an hour or so. It kept getting darker and darker until eventually it was night time and I was using the porch light to see.

In the end I had to give up and do the last punnet the next morning - my hands were far to frozen and the neighbours were giving me strange(r) looks.

I also scattered various bulbs throughout the garden. And then totally forgot they were there. So it was quite a nice surprise when some tulips started to appear.

It was definitely a worth while project, and something I'm definitely going to do again next year.

I'm having weird seasonal time warp issues. Gordo is posting fall leaves, and you're posting spring flowers... aaah!

Pretty garden though - you'll have to tell Dean you think your retaining wall turned out better than his... heheh.
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