Monday, November 06, 2006


A Quest

My desktop at work melted last week. It's far from the first time it's decided to become an expensive paperweight, but it looks like it may be the last time. It's not the total disaster it could have been, since my primary workstation has become my new Vaio. But there was a hell of a lot of non-critical stuff that's now gone (probably) forever.

One of the (many) things I've lost is the most up to date version of my OPML file - all my RSS feeds. Even worse, I'd finally managed to get them all organised in a nice way (as a pose to a big mess).

So as I try and rebuild my world, I'm faced with re-organising my feeds, and trying to remember which ones I'm still missing (like Richard's!). Trying to do it in SharpReader is causing a violent reaction in me - it's ugly and a bit clunky. So I'm looking around for a replacement. I love the idea of something that keeps my OPML online (protecting me from another meltdown and keeping my world in sync), but I hate the idea of a browser plugin. So far I've tried:
So, does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi, I am one of the guys with BlogBridge. I'd like to help you get BB to work behind your proxy. First suggestion is to try our weekly dev build, which is faster and cooler, and while not quite as well tested, overall very solid. Try:

Anyway please contact me if you are willing to engage in some trouble shooting and we'll get you up asap!

-- Pito

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