Friday, November 24, 2006


RSS Glitches

This morning when I got to work and fired up BlogBridge, I noticed that there was a new post from Ian. Which I was pretty excited about, since it's been almost 12 months since Ian last posted something.

Turns out, he hadn't posted anything new. For some reason one of his old posts had marked itself as 'changed'.

It was a post about the movie Downfall. I'd been interested in seeing it when it came out last year, and so when I originally read the post and Ian said "perhaps don't read on if you want to see it and don't want any 'spoilers'", I stopped reading with the intention of finishing it after I'd seen the movie.

Time passes. Somewhere between then and now I did see Downfall (possibly on a plane, but I'm not sure), but I totally forgot about Ian's post.

Until today.

So yay for random RSS glitches, and get back to blogging Ian!

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