Monday, December 11, 2006


Just Read: November

Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson
Discovered: A birthday book
About It: It's the future. Society is divided into tribal groups. Nanotechnology has progressed to a point where virtually anything can be replicated (and constructing objects is a very similar process to programing). Oh, and there's this girl named Nell who gets given a pretty special book. That's about all I'm going to say, except that it was pretty awesome.
My Rating: 4/5

Fatherland by Robert Harris
Discovered: The Lifeline Book Fair
About It: A detective is investigating a murder in 1969 Berlin. But this is Berlin if the Reich had won the war. It makes for a really interesting and different setting. As for the story itself, I honestly could not tell if the protagonists were going to make it or not. It's been a long time since I read a book that gave my stomach a knot of excitement for the last 50 pages.
My Rating: 4.5/5


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