Thursday, January 04, 2007


Just Read: 2006

Since I kept track of all the books I read last year, I figured it would be interesting to compile some stats.

According to my ratings at the time, my favourite book of 2006 was Cryptonomicon (with a rating of 6/5) and my least favourite was Timeline (2/5). January saw me finish the most books (4), with both March and October seeing me not finish any. The longest book I read was Cryptonomicon (1168 pages) and the shortest was Murder Unprompted (164).

According to the Amazon page count, I read a total of 8390 pages of fiction novels, which averages to 699 pages per month, or 23 pages a day. I gave an average rating of 3.5, and the average length of each book was 441 pages. Just under half the books I ready were by authors I'd not read before and Neal Stephenson was the only author I read two books by this year. Interview with the Vampire was the only book I had read before, although I had attempted to read Name of the Rose.

And just 'cause I felt like it, here's the number of pages I read each month (generated using my super-secret formula)


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