Monday, February 05, 2007


Random Story Idea

There's a big state dinner. Everyone's there - the President, the Speaker of the House, the Senate, Congress, everyone. Someone manages to slip A Plot Device into the food. This Device - could be a poison or miniature robots or a genetically engineered virus whatever - is designed to stay inside a person without harming them, until a signal is given. When that happens, they kill the host (poison, explode, etc).

So, it's unknown who's infected (is it everyone? just the people who had the soup? the wine?) - except for the people responsible. These people occasionally contact individuals and basically say "do this or you/your wife/your best friend will die". Some people die. Some people start making wild claims. Some people start voting strangely.

There's a team who's responsible for finding the bad guys. Mean while, some groups of the infected want to close the government down, others want it to keep running. Some want to report it all to the press, others don't. Some are desperately trying to help the heroes, others are trying to stop them.

The trick is that no one knows if the senator who's screaming for a bill to be voted on is doing so because he's been infected and has been told to, if he hasn't been infected and believes it's the right thing to do, or he has been infected and is trying to be a hero. Well, no one knows until the unfortunate senator dies...

And the bad guys are probably gearing up for something big. But no one knows what it is...

So it's kind of 24 meets the West Wing. Party politics, dirty tricks, back room deals, no one knowing who to trust. It would probably be lots of fun

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I would read this book, as long as it was literally "a plot device". An abstract confusing thriller!
Me too!

Hang the book, write the screenplay. That blog post alone is better than the last five movies I've seen..
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