Thursday, June 30, 2005


Half-Nekkid Thursday

So the other day Ian commented that since I now have a digital camera, I should do a Half-Nekkid Thursday post. So I read up on the rules, and here's my effort!

This is Avandra, my Night-Elf Druid. It's kind of a picture of me, but it was certainly taken by me, so I'm pretty sure it counts.

I'm not quite sure why I needed to wait for a digital camera before I could do this though, since the Print Screen button seemed much more useful...

you're hot! But you also stole my idea for next week... prick. :)
Hey, Wow is the best game i've ever played!! I have a lvl 22 night elf druid char, who rocks!!! I also got a lvl 17 Shaman troll, he's pretty cool also... just wondering tho.... Your a guy right?? Why is your char a girl?? Just wondering if you have a gender confusion problem or somthin.... lol.
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