Monday, September 26, 2005


Weekend Stuff

The weekend was fairly unexciting. We had people coming over for dinner on Saturday night, so we went into uber-cleaning mode. We joked that some of our friends have to clean like crazy for rental inspections, but we do it for dinner parties. For some reason I decided it was a good idea to take to the tiles with a scrubbing brush. My shoulder and knees are still sore. Next time I'll just stick to a mop.

Sunday night we went out for dinner with my family. My grandparents like to take us all to the Ainslie Football Club on Sunday nights - they have massive roasts, salad bars, meat raffles and all the things old people seem to love. The food is okay if you remember that it's a club, and so order the sorts of foods clubs do well (deep fried stuff, roast meat, etc). We ended up winning one of the big boxes of vegetables - not quite as good as a pile of free meat, but still not to bad.

Oh, and I spent most of the weekend smiling because of Lindsay's comment on Friday.

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