Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Musings (or "I Couldn't Think of a Better Title")

Around the beginning of high school, I spent a few years painting miniatures. I never went in for the full "war gaming" experience, but I did buy a few different little lead people (mostly Lord of the Rings characters) and make them look pretty. Eventually I got over it, packed my paints and figures away and forgot all about it.

For the last few months, for some reason I've been getting this feeling that I want to give it all another go. And I'’m not sure why - I've got so many good reasons to not bother:
  1. I don'’t have time to do all the fun stuff I already do (or want to do). Why add something new to the mix?
  2. Anything I paint is only going to sit on a shelf forever - I'm really not interested in trying to learn Warhammer or its ilk, let along trying to find people to play against.
  3. It'’s a chunk of money - money that could go to all sorts of other stuff I want
  4. I have a fair idea of my current painting skills. And they aren't much.
  5. It'’s pretty stupid.
And yet, I still find myself thinking about sitting down at the table with a set of paints and seeing what I can turn a random lead person (with a chainsaw!) into.

Since it worked so well last time I asked, does anyone have any advice?

Well, Milsims often has really good sales on minatures, that'd make things cheaper right?
I'm gonna get ribbed for admitting it as well (but at least I'm not alone), but I've been thinking the same thing. In my case it's partly to give me a hobby that's a little more interactive than the TV, and doesn't involve the computer as much as internet surfing or games. That and some fine hand coordination skills wouldn't be amiss for my career path.
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