Tuesday, November 07, 2006


A Quest Completed?

About an hour after my post yesterday, I had a comment posted by one of the Blog Bridge guys. His first suggestion (using the latest weekly build rather then the current release build) worked a treat. So now I'm in an email conversation about what (very minor) initial things have bugged me about Blog Bridge. Things like the fact that I can't do a bulk-add of new feeds to a guide, or that I can't modify the URL of a feed once it's established, or that since I'm a bit slow I kept double-pasting URLs into new feeds.

After using it for all of one day, I have to say I'm very impressed with Blog Bridge. The fact that someone involved with the project has taken the time to try and help out a random blogger goes a long way to making me love the product - I think I'd forgive a lot of faults for something like that. Of course it helps that so far it seems to be doing pretty much everything I wanted it to do.

I'll write a proper review in a month or so.

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